There is no such thing as bad weather!

Not for a landscape photographer, anyway. At least, that is what we say to convince ourselves from time to time, when the sky is grey, or cloudless blue for that matter, or the heavens have opened and it is pouring down.

I was able to get out with the camera last Wednesday, and, sure enough, when I dragged myself out of bed at silly o’clock, it was raining. I had envisaged a day exploring part of the south coast, but despite muttering to myself for the duration of the journey that there are ALWAYS opportunities for images to be made, my first destination mutated from a pier to a supermarket coffee shop.

After a caffeine fix, I decided to walk to the end of the pier, despite the lashing rain, to investigate its photographic potential. And lo and behold, when I reached the end of the pier – there it was, the photograph just waiting to be taken.

The lesson? There really is no such thing as bad weather! Even in the most unlikely conditions opportunities can be found, if only we make the effort to look for them. 

Outlook, Worthing Pier