Look Up!

Last week, while photographing in Wales, I saw a solar halo, a phenomenon that actually occurs more frequently than rainbows. But as we do not usually look into or close to the sun, we rarely notice them. This one I spotted while examining a picture on my camera screen, which I had just taken on the beach of Three Cliff Bay on the Gower Peninsula. Part of the ring was visible in the image and I wasn’t initially sure what it was. But then I looked up and saw the halo, which disappeared within the minute, just after I took the picture below.

Note to self: It pays to look around carefully (though of course not directly into the sun!). It’s better to see what you photograph before pressing the shutter, rather than discovering it on the camera screen afterwards :)

Elsewhere, there was not much looking up I could do – the rain lashed down for most of the week. Bin bags, towels and lens cloths were in heavy use. But in between the showers good opportunities presented themselves, like below, when a gorgeous sky dramatised the view towards Pen-y-Fan from Mynydd Illtyd Common. I’d love to print that panorama but it would be 3 metres long and I have nowhere to put that... So, if anyone needs to decorate a decent-size wall, please get in touch!